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  • Ciao UkJan 26, 2017
    everyone knows that on ebay you cat buy or sell almost everything. it is trusted of millions or more! i am one of the people who trust Ebay! if some time makes an exeption that something goes wrong , it is only because too much to hold. any time you have customer support wich is verry important... Read more
  • Review CentreDec 18, 2015
    Good website but some mobile seller sell replica mobileā€¦ Read Full Review Read more
  • 23, 2018
    E bay is good but Amazon is a lot better I have been ordering stuff slot the last couple years and e bay I have had issues with not bad ones, bit the need a lite more structure in the company but Amazon has always been a great place to order if u have any issues they will fix them asap Read more