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* OOP * Brown's ALONE IN THE NEON JUNGLE - Suzanne Pleshette - RARE

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    The movie was made in Pittsburgh Pa. Not in LA. For some reason they always say LA. I'm from Pittsburgh and enjoyed seeing a city I know so well. My Brother Duke Embry was in the movie, He was on the third bike when they rode into town. And he was the long haired hippie getting off his harley in front of a bar on the south side of Pittsburgh. I had a copy on vcr tape from when it was on tv and it's so old and hard to see anymore. Was so glad you had the movie. I had worked in a video rental for years and could not find this movie. Thank you for making this old hippie happy. Now my grandkids can see there great uncle. Looking forward to buying from you again. Your the greatest. A great e-bayer and fast shipping. Thanks again Christine Embry Stein cehes1fqlh Read more