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    • 1. the lowest point or part of something: "the bottom of the page" Similar footlowest partlowest pointbaseOpposite top
    • 2. a person's buttocks: "he climbs the side of the gorge, scratching his bottom unselfconsciously" Similar rearrumprear endbackside


    • 1. in the lowest position: "the books on the bottom shelf"
    • 2. denoting a flavor (variety) of unstable quark having an electric charge of -1/3. Bottom quarks have similar properties to down quarks and strange quarks, but are distinguished from them by having a larger mass.


    • 1. (of a performance or situation) reach the lowest point before stabilizing or improving: "interest rates have bottomed out"
  2. bottom: [noun] the underside of something. a surface (such as the seat of a chair) designed to support something resting on it. buttocks, rump.

  3. Bottom definition, the lowest or deepest part of anything, as distinguished from the top: the bottom of a hill;the bottom of a page. See more.

  4. Synonyms for BOTTOM: underside, floor, undersurface, underpart, foot, seat, toe, underbelly; Antonyms of BOTTOM: top, face, roof, height, peak, apex, crest, crown

  5. Define bottom. bottom synonyms, bottom pronunciation, bottom translation, English dictionary definition of bottom. n. 1. The deepest or lowest part: the bottom of a ...

  6. informal, figurative (business: profit, loss) balance nm. bottom lip n. informal (lower external part of mouth) labio inferior nm + adj mf. bottom of the barrel n. figurative, informal (poor quality) (PR) lo peor de lo peor loc adj. Her last boyfriend was really the bottom of the barrel.

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