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  • Shopper ApprovedFeb 15, 2018
    Quick, easy and don't have to worry about it. Read more
  • ResellerRatingsJan 12, 2019
    Unfortunately I am a First Time, Last Time customer.. I experienced slow service, a Rep who can't count to 10 and a request for a supervisor that I am still waiting on.. Good Grief.. Poor customer service, but I did finally get my contacts.. Just because your the biggest company, doesn't mean your... Read more
  • TrustpilotMay 9, 2019
    I had very very friendly, helpful, courteous and smart sales and customer service people on the phone. However, despite assurances, even written assurances, that my contacts would arrive next day (I paid for overnight), they didnt. And not only that, when they looked into it the next day, the order... Read more
  • Review CentreAug 19, 2012
    1800contacts is always overpriced, I usually find a significantly lower price on - 1800contacts does have a price match guarantee, but why charge 15$ more a box in the first place? I think the purpose of the price match guarantee is to put other companies out of business so they can charge... Read more