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  • ViewpointsMay 16, 2015
    Nice website, Easy to use and got me a good price last couple of times I used it Read more
  • eKomiJul 24, 2014
    I've been looking over the site for a while now and I love that I don't have to look anywhere else for the best price cause it already tells me what it is. I like the Top Deal things and the discounts on the sides too. I'll recommend trivago to other people. I've not got to the end yet but if you... Read more
  • eKomiJul 19, 2014
    i was really happy with all the information provided. i was definitely happy to check you sitei Read more
  • eKomiJul 8, 2014
    Very satisfied with service. Great to see all options in one place! Read more
  • eKomiJul 16, 2014
    I am very pleased. As a physician, it helps me to know when the deadline is for cancellation, in case I have to cancel near the last minute. Read more
  • eKomiJul 15, 2014
    Pictorial maps of hotel location and surroundings Read more
  • eKomiJul 18, 2014
    The best thing about this is it's a comparison site that links you straight to the deals. Very user-friendly. Read more
  • eKomiJul 22, 2014
    lots of choices, and able to sort by several categories. If you know what area you are wanting to stay at, this will be the site to go to! Read more
  • eKomiJul 21, 2014
    slick presentation, good price info, works as designed! Read more
  • eKomiJul 23, 2014
    Easy site to navigate through. Read more