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    • ViewpointsMay 16, 2015
      Nice website, Easy to use and got me a good price last couple of times I used it Read more
    • eKomiJul 24, 2014
      I've been looking over the site for a while now and I love that I don't have to look anywhere else for the best price cause it already tells me what it is. I like the Top Deal things and the discounts on the sides too. I'll recommend trivago to other people. I've not got to the end yet but if you... Read more
    • eKomiJul 19, 2014
      Trivago is the best hotel search site I have ever used. Great!! Read more
    • eKomiJul 18, 2014
      Keep up the good work, customer support IS outstanding!!!!!!!! Read more
    • eKomiJul 19, 2014
      i was really happy with all the information provided. i was definitely happy to check you sitei Read more
    • eKomiJul 19, 2014
      I personally don't think this website needs any improvements. I easily found everything I needed to and the pictures were a definite plus. Read more
    • eKomiJul 8, 2014
      Very satisfied with service. Great to see all options in one place! Read more
    • eKomiJul 18, 2014
      The best thing about this is it's a comparison site that links you straight to the deals. Very user-friendly. Read more
    • eKomiJul 23, 2014
      excellent place to find a good hotel deal Read more
    • eKomiJul 14, 2014
      Thanks for the phenomenal service and use of data. *** Read more