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  1. Date Night [DVD] [English] [2010]

    • 4.5 average rating based on 225 reviews
    • Overall I didn't expect much from this movie, which is why I waited to see it until now. Little did I realize this actually is a very good comedy with plenty of unexpected twists. As you can guess it starts off showing a family with a boring home life which is spiced up with weekly dates. For teh characters the latest date turns into something they never dreamed when they do something that is not normally what they would do. The following turn of events then takes them on an all night journey or corruption, mistaken identity, and turns two ordinary people into heros. Great performances by Steve Caroll, Tiny Fay, Mark Wahlberg, and one of the actor's that makes regular appearances on 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' as a McPoyal! Definitely worth watching, plenty of laughs and plot twists, just wish Marky Mark would put a shirt on in at least one scene! *LOL* That plays into teh movie. Check it out. Read more
    • Great plot line as well Read more
    • This is Steve Carell and Tina Fey at their best! Their on-screen chemistry and their understanding of comedy allows them to play off of each other brilliantly in this movie. Read more
    • I dont know actors and actresses names, but I really enjoyed this movie. The two lead actors made for a great couple. The humor was funny on a lot of different levels. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed it. Read more