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Google - Pixel 4a with 5G - Just Black (Unlocked)

4.50 376 reviews from 3 sources

  • target.comSelected Review of 1 Reviews
    I bought this phone bc of the camera quality. I've had it a week and love everything about it. Read more
  • bhphotovideo.comSelected Review of 15 Reviews
    I bought this for my wife for Christmas (actually I bought her the standard Pixel 4a first but the screen was too small). Out of the last 2 or 3 three phones, this is the first one she's been really happy with. Everything just works as expected, the battery life is good, screen is nice, and it takes good photos. The body definitely doesn't have a premium feel (expected at this price point), but she keeps it in a case all the time so that doesn't really matter. It also works well with tempered glass screen protectors since the finger print reader is on the back. Setup was easy and it copied over all of the data from her Oneplus 6T that she was upgrading from (the 6T is actually a bit more premium but she didn't like it). The only downside I can see is that it doesn't support face unlock. I think it's because the front only has a camera and not any of the other sensors needed to make face unlock secure. For the price though, it's a great phone, highly recommended. Read more
  • bestbuy.comSelected Review of 360 Reviews
    This is one of the best Android Phone out there. If you have more budget I would recommend going for Pixel 5 as it is only 250$ difference and often pixel phones come for a discount. Clean UI, fast 5G, excellent camera and Google Security patches as well pixel drops make this phone a best in its category and Android Phones as well. Read more