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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (DVD, 1998) - EXCELLENT LIGHTLY USED CONDITION

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    What to say about Fear and Loathing? It is an example of that ultra rare breed of perfect movie. Excellent source material! The late Hunter S. Thompson was an insane genius. The Gonzo journalist captured the spirit of some turbulent times with equal measures of keen observation, a searing wit, and an unbridled imagination. But, the fact that this film is an all too accurate portrayal of this cultural icon is only half the fun. If you are a fan of Johnny Depp or just good old fashioned great acting, his portrayal of Thompson is flawless. This is no accident. Depp was already a huge fan of Thompson anyway, but spent months researching this role and studying his mannerisms. It was fitting that Depp presided over Thompson's funeral celebration by lauching his cremated remains in a giant fireworks display over the Aspen mountains where Thompson had a ranch. As crazy as this sounds, this movie is even more outrageous! If you want to laugh until you cry and then do it all over again, you have to watch this movie. A fitting tribute to the counter-culture of a bygone era, this is Haight Asbury versus Las Vegas, with no holds barred. You may not even recognize Benicio del Toro in the role of Hunter's attorney but you won't soon forget it. A classic. I'd say 6 stars out of a possible 5 would sound about right. Hunter S. Thompson may not have burned long but he did burn bright! "Come on baby light my fire! Read more
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    on the opening week of this release in theatres, the critics nearly massacred the work much to my disbelief. thank goodness this brilliant work of genius terry gilliam & hunter thompson has managed to have an incredible shelf life in the video media world. criterion has even gone so far as to release an incredible set for serious fans of the film to re-experience. needless to say, it looks fantastic & is definitely a great investment. this is, by far, johnny depp's most bizarre yet versatile role & everything else could almost pale in comparison. you won't even remember edward scissorhands or the tv show 21 jump street after watching this. fear & loathing excels in being disturbing, frightening, & hilarious all at once. one is never certain whether they should be panicky or trembling with laughter. do yourself a favor & grab a copy today!! why wait??? Read more