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  • BizrateJan 23, 2016
    Super delivery service! Good contact and reminder call. Very quick and courteous installation. Took the time to go over installation and use details as well as test of washer / dryer before leaving. Read more
  • TrustpilotJan 9, 2020
    I was sent a different product from the one I ordered. I ordered a wireless switch, but received the wired version. Despite ordering online, I was forced to return to the store for a return. When I called to confirm the return process, no one at the store answered after 15 rings, and several level... Read more
  • ViewpointsMar 27, 2017
    I have shopped at this store many times, I've also shopped on their website. I love the options they have to make your shopping experience very convenient for you. You can easily get everything online too. If you buy a item online that is too big for UPS or USPS then they'll deliver it too your... Read more