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  1. 1.7 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave

    • 4.5 average rating based on 2841 reviews
    • The microwave function was fine and worked as you would expect a microwave to. The exhaust fan is very loud but does move the steam. After two years it has stopped working. After having an appliance repair company attempt to fix it they advised to purchase a new one. Two years is not a great life expectancy but seems to be common for fridgaire appliances. Read more
    • It works, it replaced my old one which I had,and was happy with for 13years. Same model, but the computer had died. Read more
    • I bought this same microwave 3 years ago (different model number) from a competitor of Best Buy and liked it. Highlights were bright lights casting down on stove top and powerful exhaust fan. I bought the 5 year extended warranty with it. It broke after 2 years. The extended warranty paid to have it repaired. 6 months later, it broke again. I then learned that a 5 year extended warranty does not mean you get 5 years. I was refunded my original purchase price and the extended warranty was canceled. I then bought the present one because it fits into the wall location without serious changes to the backsplash. I have no reason to expect the present one will last very long, but I like the microwave. I bought the Best Buy 5 year extended warranty, but expect I will be bought out the first time the present one breaks, which I expect to happen fairly soon. The brand is not the problem. Reviews on almost all brands show the same problem to be common. A purchaser of this brand and model should seriously consider buying the extended warranty, as well as with other brands and models. But don't believe that you have bought yourself a microwave for 5 years. My loss on the first warranty came in the fact that I bought the first one on sale, and to buy the replacement, I had to pay $90 more. Also the purchase of the extended warranty only got me protection about half as long as what I paid for. I would have given 5 stars except for my expectation that it will not last long. Read more
    • I bought this appliance a few weeks ago and am well pleased with its performance as well as its appearance. Read more
    • Love the sleek look,led light underneath and big bright clock on front. Lots of features. Hate the buttons. Have to push hard for it to register that you’re pushing it and the reminder beep is definitely annoying as others have said. Wish I could turn off the reminder beep but still leave the buttons beeping when they pressed. Shortcuts and buttons are not as user-friendly as the GE but tired of repairing the GE! Read more