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James Allen

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  • BizrateAug 9, 2019
    I was amazed at the customer service that was provided to me directly by Lorraine. She went above and beyond to ensure that I was a happy client and I am happy that I was able to be in contact with her. She exemplifies someone that knows what she is doing in terms of knowledge and provided me with... Read more
  • TrustpilotMar 6, 2019
    I was in the market for a plain and simple wedding band. I already have a wedding set my husband bought me but I do a lot of gardening, working out and work a high risk job. I ordered a plain 14k yellow gold 3mm band. Easy. They not only screwed up the delivery process and sent it to my house... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsFeb 6, 2013
    James Allen is the best online jewelry company. We got engagement ring and wedding bands from them -- gorgeous, stunningly beautiful diamond pieces. and their price is the best I can find among all online and local jewelers.In addition, I only saw actual photos of diamonds from James Allen's website... Read more