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  • BizrateDec 5, 2019
    Shopbop has access to all of my favorite designers! Sales on Shopbop are also better than any other sales I've found elsewhere. Read more
  • TrustpilotNov 16, 2019
    I ordered two dresses in different sizes for my wedding. received them fast but they both have several black stains on the bottom of the dresses. I think it might be because the warehouse is not clean or they do not take care of the merchandises well. I will return them, too bad I liked the dresses. Read more
  • ResellerRatingsNov 23, 2019
    i bought from them many times! they are the best! best prices, best offers highly recommended! never had problems with them! perfect customer service Read more
  • ViewpointsSep 14, 2018
    Ordered a $92.00 bodysuit, was sent a $28.00 pair of panties. Called them, explained the situation, they apologized and sent me what should have been the right thing (in 2 sizes, so I effectively bought 2 more). The 2 replacement "bodysuits" arrived and lo and behold, 2 more pairs of $28.00 panties!... Read more
  • Review CentreFeb 18, 2014
    I love LeatherNXG because of their personalized emails. When "my heart" items go on a sale, they send you an email! I love what LeatherNXG carries, so I don't even go to other websites to buy my fashion items. They have awesome customer service and easy return serviceā€¦ Read Full Review Read more