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  • Shopper ApprovedJun 26, 2020
    Always a pleasure shopping with BnH. At this point, I don't even bother looking at different companies. Keep up the amazing work, and the great deals! Read more
  • TrustpilotJun 26, 2020
    Always a great experience, the best place to buy computers, cameras, and electronics. Peace of mind and highly professional customer care service. Read more
  • ResellerRatingsJun 10, 2020
    11:30AM EST Wed I got call back from B&H Expert on tripods for spotting scopes. I received excellent advice and learned quite a bit. I am sorry but I did not catch name of expert... but very helpful. A nice service. FYI I decided to buy just the head and see if it will work with my current tripod.... Read more
  • eKomiMay 1, 2020
    A good price and free shipping on an inexpensive item. Read more
  • BizrateJun 26, 2020
    B & H website is always high performance. The quality of the reviews is high and very helpful in making a purchasing decision. It's amazing all the items that they have in stock and when they don't they will notify you when the item is available. Read more
  • Review CentreJun 29, 2017
    Looking to replace my currant tripod that would support my canon 100-400 lens and 5d mark II. This foot the bill. Was delivered as promised!… Read Full Review Read more
  • ViewpointsDec 26, 2018
    I order all of my electronics from BH. This case was no different for an iPad Mini 4. It's a Christmas present for my son. I've been ordering from BH for I think over 15 years now and will continue to do so. Their prices are great and the customer service is unparalleled. Read more
  • 21, 2018
    Very efficient delivery time and great customer service Read more