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  • BizrateAug 5, 2015
    Because I live in Hawaii I would like to see better shipping time without spending twice for speedier deliveries. When you offer free shipping I tend to order more but it seem to take forever to get to me :( Read more
  • ResellerRatingsMar 8, 2019
    I ordered a swimdress, and clearly did not research the reviews prior, which was clearly a HUGE mistake. I received a mens plaid shirt. I called to get the correct item shipped, and I was told I had to exchange the current item first, which could take up to 3 weeks or pay again and they would credit... Read more
  • ViewpointsJan 7, 2017
    I bought item that range from underwAre to coats. All was cheaply made not fit to ware much less purchase. Got charged a huge fee for paying on the 7th and not on 6th. Never reimbursed for items I sent back. Horrible phone service. They had a snooty in giving attitude. Read more