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  • TrustpilotNov 9, 2019
    Always up to the moment GREAT deals Read more
  • ViewpointsSep 11, 2018
    Rolled into Winston Salem to find that the hotel Priceline booked me at was overbooked. After 50 minutes on hold I finally got through, at 12:15am in the morning. After an hour they booked my across town. I took a taxi to find out Priceline made a verbal reservation, meaning they won't get paid,... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsNov 1, 2019
    I did an order from Price-line to hotel in Las Vegas. The thing is that they always write in the payment summery if more fee (resort fee) should be pay at the hotel. I choose the hotel I've booked within my budget so the final price was suit to me and it didn't had a resort fee. The final price was... Read more
  • FeefoOct 29, 2019
    It was hard to find the bid for travel tool, but after I finally found it, it was easy to use the tool. Read more
  • Mr. RebatesNov 12, 2019
    Because of the name your own price feature, I was able to stay in a 3.5 star hotel for a ridiculously low price! All I can say is, ROCKS! Read more