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Saks Fifth Ave

4.50 average rating based on 33,335 reviews

  • BizrateApr 28, 2016
    Do not like the policy of final sale on line, as you can't try the merchandise until you get it. Would be helpful at least have one week to return in case of the wrong size. Read more
  • TrustpilotMar 28, 2020
    got low on moisterizer. (all women know moisturizer is crucial!) order from Saks on Sunday. Return email said I'd be notified when it was sent. Saturday, called to see how it's going. After 53 minutes on hold, \n\n\n\nš’®š’¶š“€š“ˆ š¹š’¾š’»š“‰š’½ š’œš“‹š‘’š“ƒš“Šš‘’ š’øš“Šš“ˆš“‰š‘œš“‚š‘’š“‡ š“ˆš‘’š“‡š“‹š’¾š’øš‘’ š’½š‘’š“š“…š“š’¾š“ƒš‘’... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsJan 31, 2020
    Shipping prices, dates irrelevant, customer service useless and rude.Short review: NEVER TRUST SHIPPING, MIFHT AS WELL NOT PAY FOR IT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE USELESS AND INCOMPETENT. Long version? Extremely unhelpful customer service rep all the time. Two seperate orders I've had problems with the... Read more
  • ViewpointsMar 29, 2015
    Overall I like Saks Fifth Avenue. I think the website runs smoother than the bloomingdales website. In addition, there is an off 5th website (which is a website to the outlet). The regular Saks website seems to sometimes have less options than Bloomingdales and be a bit more expensive with less... Read more