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  • BizrateMay 20, 2020
    Came here to find a tool to help remove the forend on my Remington 870. Found and purchased. Read more
  • TrustpilotMay 13, 2020
    I ordered a bolt / trigger spring from Brownells. And waited for them to ship it. And waited. Sent an email, just got the automated response. Waited some more. Sent another email, got another automated response. Finally they sent a tracking number, but per that tracking number they had not yet... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsMay 12, 2020
    Bought a poly80 serialized g17 model .I believe I have a defective locking block and or frame . Called brownells to return they gave me run around quoted store policy told me call poly 80 I did they do not answer phone or emails tried several times.called brownells back told them gave me runaround... Read more