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  • TrustpilotJun 2, 2019
    good but lacked some info that would be helpful Read more
  • ResellerRatingsOct 12, 2014
    I found a really great guy. Love at first sight, no doubt! I knew that he was "the one", but also knew that no one is perfect, and that he had a past. I used BeenVerified to run a background check, just to be on the safe side. It helped to give me peace of mind, and it confirmed that fact that he... Read more
  • eKomiApr 5, 2016
    This app WAS in my opinion extremely helpful. I have purchased several similar apps/services but over the past few months; with the last few updates it's become less and less useful. Categories (i.e. Liens & judgements, criminal records and social networks etc.) have disappeared. I've experience... Read more