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  1. Messengers 2: The Scarecrow (2009) **BRAND NEW***

    • 4 average rating based on 7 reviews
    • i do not really see much of a connection to the two movies except about farms.this was somewhat entertaining.had an o.k. story line.once the lead male charecter found a scarecrow in a cubby hole in his barn.things he wished for went away.example crows in his corn field.something in the movie have been seen and done before,but this movie was good. Read more
    • this movie is terrible!!!! it has nothing to do with the first movie, which was great!!! i bought this thinking it would be as good as the first, but its awful. i would never have bought it if it hadnt been the messengers 2. it could have just been called something completely different, because it really has NOTHING to do with the first movie. it doesnt even have the same type of story line. its about a scarecrow that goes crazy. they have to throw in nude scenes just to spice it up.... which doesnt help!! so so dumb, dont waste your money!!!! Read more