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  • Shopper ApprovedJun 29, 2020
    Easy and able to use my credit seemlessly Read more
  • ResellerRatingsJun 25, 2020
    The hall of Fame game for this year was cancelled and rescheduled for next August. Of course, there is one every August. Thats a bulls&$t excuse to not refund my money. It wont even be the same teams playing. This company is a total scam. Dont every buy tickets from them Read more
  • Review CentreSep 13, 2017
    The price I paid for hockey tickets was $172 Can for 2 tickets where other site was selling for $64 Can for 2 similar tickets. Will not return my emails… Read Full Review Read more
  • TrustpilotJun 29, 2020
    This scam scalper website sold concert tickets that were worth $100 at most for $420. I only bought the tickets because they were sold out from the original venue seller (Showare Access Center) and I knew I had little other chance to see the band live as they probably won’t be coming to America... Read more