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  1. Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (DVD, 2009)

    • 5 average rating based on 82 reviews
    • I absolutely love Tom Selleck in the role of Jesse Stone. I love the characters and the small town feel that Paradise has. Mr. Selleck's acting is superb, he plays a man so involved in his emotions and he pulls it off brillantly. I love the relationship with his dog. The two of them have similar problems,and the reaction of the dog to him is so emotional. If you want a good movie to watch without a lot of cussing and violence. Some romance but don't count on it much. I love a small town movie about real people and the burdens they hold close to them. Please just give it a try. I bet you will love it.\r\n\r\nLisa Read more
    • Full of suspense. Completed my Jesse Stone collection. Now I can watch them over and over. Read more
    • The Jesse Stone series was very entertaining. From the first movie, "Night Passage", I was addicted. What a nice, refreshing breath of fresh air these movies are! Read more