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4.50 average rating based on 740,287 reviews

  • BizrateOct 4, 2019
    Absolutely always had good rapport with the company good value fast shipping Read more
  • ResellerRatingsMay 8, 2019
    I've ordered from Midway for a few years without a problem. Their prices are higher than others and their service is no better but they've had little things I needed that others didn't carry.But I ordered a box of Lapua brass and they packed it in a shipping bag. Naturally, the hard plastic box was... Read more
  • TrustpilotMay 27, 2018
    I just ordered a bunch of glock parts from them. Prices seemed fair. I decided to reorder most of the same stuff for another project. Every single item was anywhere from .50- 4.00 more now. Had the invoice in my hand comparing. Does their system jack up the pricing noticing I am reordering the same... Read more