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  • TrustpilotAug 30, 2018
    I find nearly every person I search for. Correct address on a very high percentage and probably 75 % have phone numbers. Very little phone numbers are accurate since most people no longer maintain land lines.\nThe service is very helpful finding the people I serve as a benefit specialist. Read more
  • ResellerRatingsAug 28, 2019
    Purchased (3) months of service from Been on Jan 31, 2019. Less than 30 days later, I cancelled\\/closed the account via a phone call to 1-888-579-5910. However, my credit card continued to be billed (2) additional times (a credit card number is required to open an acct with Been... Read more
  • eKomiApr 5, 2016
    This app WAS in my opinion extremely helpful. I have purchased several similar apps/services but over the past few months; with the last few updates it's become less and less useful. Categories (i.e. Liens & judgements, criminal records and social networks etc.) have disappeared. I've experience... Read more