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  1. Landing On Disc. The Promised Land - on DVD and Blu-ray from Monday! The official website of Red Dwarf, the cult science-fiction comedy show.

  2. (August 2016) This is a list of characters from the TV sitcom Red Dwarf . Major characters Overview ^n Season IX is officially titled "Back to Earth", with the numbering being retconned later. ^n Season XIII is officially titled "The Promised Land". Details Alter egos Ace Rimmer

  3. red dwarf star, also called M dwarf or M-type star, the most numerous type of star in the universe and the smallest type of hydrogen-burning star. Red dwarf stars have masses from about 0.08 to 0.6 times that of the Sun. (Objects smaller than red dwarf stars are called brown dwarfs and do not shine through the thermonuclear fusion of hydrogen ...

  4. Red Dwarf: The Promised Land is a 2020 British science-fiction comedy television special and the thirteenth installment of the British science-fiction sitcom, Red Dwarf. The special sees the Red Dwarf crew of Dave Lister (Charles), Arnold Rimmer (Barrie), the Cat (John-Jules) and Kryten (Llewellyn) face-off against Rodon , the leader of a band ...

  5. Better Than Life. Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers is a best-selling science fiction comedy novel by Grant Naylor, the collective name for Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, co-creators and writers of the Red Dwarf television series, on which the novel is based. First published in 1989, the novel presents the plotline of the TV series as a ...

  6. Apr 20, 2022 · noun. Synonyms of red dwarf. : a star having substantially lower surface temperature, intrinsic luminosity, mass, and size than the sun.

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    Red Dwarf is a British science fiction comedy franchise created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor, which primarily consists of a television sitcom that aired on BBC Two between 1988 and 1999, and on Dave since 2009, gaining a cult following.

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