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  1. Self/Less [DVD] [2015]

    • 4 average rating based on 255 reviews
    • So good I bought one to share. Read more
    • A little confusing sometimes on the characters but good movie Read more
    • this is ben kingsley is dying man who chose to pass his life to a younger version of himself, and being the tycoon he is, he does go into ryan Reynolds body, a stronger younger man, who is not allergic to peanuts and he gets to eat and do things he has not done for a long time. he then starts having flashbacks of the mans body he took over for which he is not suppose to miss taking these pills, but he does and he starts doing research and then this movie starts going into a different direction, because he is not suppose to know anything about the mans body he took over for, but he does and he finds this mans had a family and made a sacrifice for the daughter he had, and a wife who still loves him. Read more