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  1. Skip-Bo Kaartspel

    • 5 average rating based on 975 reviews
    • Leuk spel om met de kids te doen Read more
    • Easy game for children to play - uses cards numbered 1 - 12. Takes less than an hour to play a game. Read more
    • A very good game to entertain the family. Read more
    • I love this game. I really didn't know anything about it ahead of time but it looked fun Read more
    • Our new favorite game! It’s kind of life community solitaire Read more
    • I was so excited to find this game. I have played it a lot at Senior Citizens, but I am not attending at the present time. My sister-in-law and niece have played this in the past, so I'm looking forward to playing it with them. Read more
    • This game is extremely fun. We plan it with our adult daughters but it would be fun with young children as well. It is actually a game that younger children can learn how to strategize & use math skills. It really is a blast! Read more
    • This game is FUN! I definitely recommend. Read more
    • La boîte est arrivé déchirée. J’ai écris au attention à la clientèle pour recevoir une autre avant Noël, mais pas de réponse. Read more
    • Love this game. Sent it to the oldest grandson, 10.5, after having played it in FL with adults. Good for numbers (which I know he knows), but the strategy of blocking other players is what he's ready to learn. Will be playing it with him next month. Great game, really., Read more