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  1. Superman III/Superman IV [2 Discs] [DVD]

    • 3.5 average rating based on 3 reviews
    • The movie was fine, the packaging was unsatisfactory. Read more
    • I bought these in quad set, but Superman III was okay, Superman turning bad, was a bit harsh, but not caring was more like the effects of red kryptonite. Richard Pryor is funny, but was kind of annoying, and smallville’s martha Kent 2001-2011 was Lana Lang in this movie. Christopher Reeve was good too.. so sad what happened to him in 1995 and his death in 2004 orphaning his son in 2005 because his mom died too. Good people the Reeves are. Superman IV I can see why the franchise ended the movies. For the era, It wasn’t a good move. Nuclear man and a socialistic view to end war? Give me a break I would give three a mercy3 and a half for trying... but three stars. Superman 4 would be lucky to get two and a half stars, but really two stars. Review Superman returns, very pleasant return, but not as good as Christopher Reeve, but did not intend to be better, but respectively did the same era, nicely done. Read more