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  • FeefoApr 24, 2019
    All went so excellently except the insurance offer for the booking. I was very interested in the hotel booking cover/ insurance but I could not find anywhere info for international customers. All USStates were mentioned and given info re their cover. Can you let me know if an international customer... Read more
  • TrustpilotSep 14, 2019
    Awful - will never use again. I missed a connecting flight due to the airline's incompetence (I had to pick up my suitcase from a carousel at a connecting airport even though it was supposed to go straight to the destination - I only knew this thanks to a passing airport security guard who told me... Read more
  • Review CentreOct 20, 2017
    Although entered credit card info for a nonrefundable prepaid hotel in Rome, the data was not transferred to hotel to hold the reservation. Expedia message system said not to pay hotel directly. Hotel was allowed to arbitrarily cancel reservation although I received a confirmation from Expedia.... Read more
  • ViewpointsNov 6, 2018
    If there was a way to give Expedia negative stars I would I just had a terrible experience with them when I was recently booking flights for my daughters to come home for Christmas. They were flying from different destinations and I was able to find them flights that got them to the airport near me... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsFeb 21, 2019
    Beware and never book anything on the American express online FHR website. You are really booking through Expedia and not Amex. If you have any problems you need to call Expedia customer service to fix reservations and Amex travel will not help you. It is a scam that they don't mention Expedia on... Read more