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  • Shopper ApprovedSep 11, 2019
    Easy web site to navigate. Competitive prices. Read more
  • BizrateSep 12, 2019
    Recently I've placed an order and spent around $511, my order arrived on time and everything inside was perfectly packed but the person who packed my order forgot to include one of the items that I ordered and paid, is one of the important ones, the flight computer, so now I'm expecting answer... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsApr 16, 2012
    I ordered a Flightcom 4DX headset from mypilotstore and received poor customer service when the product arrived defective. I'm familiar with the product having owned another Flightcom 4DX since 2000 (and it keeps chugging along great). However, my recent purchase of a new Flightcom 4DX from... Read more