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  1. West Flanders is one of the five provinces of Flanders in Belgium . Cities edit Bruges De Haan Courtray Koksijde Ostend Poperinge Ypres Other destinations edit Knokke Understand [ edit] Talk [ edit] The main language in West Flanders is Dutch using the West Flemish dialect.

  2. West Flanders is one of Belgium's provinces, located in the northwest of the country. In the first World War I, this was the sight of the trench war. Especially the area around Ypres was one big battlefield. So many granates were fired here, that almost 100 years later granates are still being found by farmers while ploughing their country. edit

  3. Jan 28, 2023 · The history of Flanders often rekindles memories of the Battle of the Golden Spurs, a battle fought in 1302 outside the city of Kortrijk in which Flemish burgers defeated an army of French nobles. It has gained near-mythical significance in Flemish history and features prominently in Episode 4 of the Story of Flanders.

  4. Jun 24, 2020 · Flanders ( Dutch: Vlaanderen) [1] is the Dutch -speaking northern part of Belgium. It is wedged between the North Sea and the Netherlands in the north and Wallonia and France in the south. This region has an immense historical and cultural wealth which is made visible through its buildings, its works of art and its festivals. Regions edit

  5. Jul 5, 2022 · West Flanders (Dutch: West-Vlaanderen) is the westernmost province of the Flemish Region, in Belgium. It is the only coastal Belgian province, facing the North Sea to the northwest.

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    Jan 17, 2023 · Flanders ( countable and uncountable, plural Flanderses ) The County of Flanders, of varying extent. A subnational state in the north of federal Belgium, the institutional merger of a territorial region and the Dutch language 'community' which also has/shares some authority in the capital region Brussels.

  7. The name is retained in the two Belgian provinces of West and East Flanders. 1. West Flanders is the portion bordering the North Sea, and its coast-line extends from the French to the Dutch frontier for a little over 40 m. Its capital is Bruges, and the principal towns of the province are Ostend, Courtrai, Ypres and Roulers.

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