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Yamaha MX61 BU 61-Key USB/MIDI Production Keyboard Synthesizer Controller Blue

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    I've owned an original Yamaha Motif 8, Korg Triton classic 76, Roland Fantom X6, Roland RD170, Roland Juno D, yamaha MM6...and a host of other boards. Recently sold my Juno D to a good friend because he needed an aux board and I was no longer heavily gigging. Anyway I had my eye on the korg x50 because of the triton sounds..I've sold all those other boards and currently play a yamaha motif xf8. So I felt pretty ok with sounds and really was shopping for something to replace my juno d which was pretty good except for the piano like I was saying I really wanted the korg x50 but couldn't find a great deal on one. Last venue I played at kept a yamaha mo6 on site and I quickly learned to appreciate all it could do, so I started shopping for a yamaha mo6 when I ran across this board. I also played a yamaha moxf8 which I was impressed with but man when I bought this mx61 and turned it on...first off its the perfect gig board its like 10lbs...light man. So easy to transport...and one Saturday while just spending time with it side by side with my big xf8 I was like dang this mx61 rocks...I mean sound for sound. I know its based on the XS line but man these two boards sound solo close its ridiculous. If you get this mx61 or any of the mx essentially own $2000 to $3000 sounds that you can go setup at a gig in less than 10 minutes and sound just as good. Its very easy to navigate and just the best $425 I've spent on a keyboard. I can't see trading this in ever. I've midi in my electric drum kit and it can share the motif drums...this thing is freakin awesome. I mean its not a sequencer, but it also isn't advertised to be one. Albeit you can connect it to your computer or laptop and use the free software or your own and sequence all you want. Thanks Yamaha! Read more