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  1. In Belgium …northern and northeastern provinces (West Flanders, East Flanders [West-Vlaanderen, Oost-Vlaanderen], Flemish Brabant, Antwerp, and Limburg). Just north of the boundary between Walloon Brabant (Brabant Walloon) and Flemish (Vlaams) Brabant lies the officially bilingual Read More

  2. West Flanders (Dutch: West-Vlaanderen) is the westernmost province of the Flemish Region, in Belgium. It is the only coastal Belgian province, facing the North Sea to the northwest.

  3. Introduction. West Flanders (Dutch: West-Vlaanderen) is the westernmost province of Flanders and of Belgium. It borders on (clockwise from the North) the Netherlands, the Belgian provinces of East Flanders and Hainaut, France and the North Sea. Its capital is Bruges.

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    Flanders ( UK: / ˈflɑːndərz /, US: / ˈflæn -/; Dutch: Vlaanderen [ˈvlaːndərə (n)] ( listen); French: Flandre [flɑ̃dʁ]; German: Flandern [ˈflandɐrn]) is the Flemish -speaking northern portion of Belgium and one of the communities, regions and language areas of Belgium. However, there are several overlapping definitions, including ...

  5. Province West Flanders Localisation : Country Belgium, Region Flanders. Major cities : Bruges, Kortrijk, Ostend, Roeselare, Waregem, Ypres, Menen, Knokke-Heist ...

  6. Dec 06, 2019 · The Flemish region, also known as Flanders, is the northern portion of Belgium occupying an area of approximately 5,221 square miles (about 44% of Belgium) and inhabited mainly by the Dutch-speaking community. The region is divided into five provinces with a total of 300 municipalities.

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