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Lady Gaga / Cooper,Bradley - A Star Is Born Soundtrack (Clean Version) - CD

5.00 17 reviews from 2 sources

  • walmart.comSelected Review of 14 Reviews
    absolutely the Best CD I've heard since the 80's and I'm just amazed how well Brad sings it's so raw but beautiful its a sound that needs to be shared to everyone because it would be a shame to keep it a secret that he would of regretted so I'm so happy for him and Lady Gaga that they worked so hard and deserve album of the decade! there performance was powerful and not to get into any Gossip Bradly are Gaga are only really good friends and that's it! its Hollywood so of course everyone would think that. hey if it makes ya happy then think that they are. anyways Awesome Freaking Album!!!! Read more
  • target.comSelected Review of 3 Reviews
    There are 3 songs that are OUTSTANDING! My favorite is "I will never love again." Of course there is"Shallow.", and finally, "Maybe it's time" Phenomenal lyrics! Read more