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    Hatim al-Tai (Arabic: حاتم الطائي, Hatim of the Tayy tribe; died 578), full name Ḥātim bin ʿAbd Allāh bin Saʿd aṭ-Ṭāʾiyy (Arabic: حاتم بن عبد الله بن سعد الطائي) was the ruling prince and poet of the Tayy tribe of Arabia.

  2. Ross's full general rank was general of horse. Haydn's Book of Dignities gives Ross's promotion date as 1 April 1712. 2 July 1730: Sir Charles Wills: 1666 1741 Full general rank was general of foot. His promotion was not gazetted until 17 July 1739. 2 July 1730: Thomas Whetham: c. 1665: 1741 Full general rank was general of foot.

  3. en.wikipedia; Famous Men of the Middle Ages (English) (as Author) Haarla, Lauri, 1890-1944 ¶ Hanuumanin tytär: 3-näytöksinen apinakomedia (Finnish) (as Author) Haas, Rudolf, 1877-1943 ¶ de.wikipedia; Der Volksbeglücker (German) (as Author) Haaxman, P. J. ¶ Antony van Leeuwenhoek, de ontdekker der infusorien, 1675-1875 (Dutch) (as Author)

  4. Wikipedia; The adventures of Captain Mago; or, a Phoenician expedition, B.C. 1000 (English) (as Author) Pericla Navarchi Magonis; sive, Expeditio Phoenicia Annis Ante Christum Mille (Latin) (as Author) Caillié, René, 1799-1838 ¶ en.wikipedia; fr.wikipedia; Voyage d'un faux musulman à travers l'Afrique

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