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    • 4.5 average rating based on 5 reviews
    • I haven't seen the movie, but this soundtrack is truly incredible. The music seems to me to be a mix of folk music and classical music, which sounds surprisingly good. Another thing I appreciate is it's just music, they didn't put in dialogue from the movie which a lot of soundtracks do. Read more
    • This is a very good soundtrack/instrumental album; possibly the best of their collaborative soundtracks. Here the overall sound is somewhat bleak or melancholic with Cave & Ellis playing the bulk of the music with occasional assistance by others most noticeably strings. And like all good Western' soundtracks such as Morricone their is a thematic nature here with the main melody meandering in & out of of this somewhat downbeat, yet otherwise quite ethereal album. Highly recommended for those who are familiar with Cave & Ellis' work & those who like melancholic instrumental music. Read more
    • This is one of the movies where I was a fan of the soundtrack before I watched the movie and after the film (the proposition) which was written by Nick Cave, script and score, I knew that this movie would be great as well. Well, I wasn't let down one bit. I believe that Jesse James was actually better than The Proposition. I love both movies and both soundtracks. Nick Cave is an artistic genius, along side of David Bowie . . . Read more