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  1. Mar 28, 2023 · BCS 602 Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers Outdoor Power Auction Date: March 25, 2023 Financial Calculator Machine Location: Clifford Township, Pennsylvania 18470 Serial Number: UNKNOWN Condition: Used Stock Number: 140 Compare Lopatofsky Auction Clifford Township, Pennsylvania 18470 Phone: (570) 445-0424 Email Seller Video Chat

  2. What is a walk-behind tractor? A walking tractor, walk-behind tractor, or two wheel tractor, is a two-wheeled, single axle version of a four wheeled farm tractor. Like a 4 wheel farm tractor they are incredibly durable and dependable and built for many thousands of hours of use.

  3. BCS Brand Walk-Behind Tractors Of the 30 or so companies manufacturing 2-wheel tractors in Europe, BCS is by far the largest. Founded in 1942 near Milan, Italy, BCS sells their equipment in 80 countries and has over 500 dealers in North America. Grillo Brand Walk-Behind Tractors

  4. BCS Model 750 (PS) Tractor Only Recoil Starter (Electric Starter Option) Meet the big boy of the BCS fleet: the PowerSafe 750. It's the only BCS tractor with the ability to power the large 33'' Rear-Tine Tiller, made possible by a heavy-duty cast iron mounting flange for increased strength.

  5. Walk Behind Tractors & Implements Large Stock of Tractors and Implements On-Hand We Specialize in BCS Equipment Sales, Parts and Service BCS Two-Wheel Tractors Powerful, Dependable & Versatile BCS walk-behind tractors are built to provide years of use and power a wide range of implements.

  6. A Walk-behind tractor (also called walking tractor, two-wheel tractor or hand tractor) is essentially a single-axle / 2 wheeled version of a 4-wheel farm tractor, capable of operating many different implements with a single power source. Walk-behind tractors are used worldwide for small-scale agricultural, horticultural, industrial, landscaping ...

  7. Each BCS walk behind tractor features a reliable automotive-style clutch and transmission with all-gear drive. BCS tractors are well-balanced, powerful and easy to use. BCS “tillers” are not just rototillers. With the right attachments, you can mow, cut hay, chip and shred limbs, split logs, sweep roadways, shred, plow, till and more.

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