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  1. Product Description Product Description Thomas and Owen the Traction Engine are hard at work loading and unloading cargo at the Blue Mountain Quarry! The spinning saw blade on the drop saw cuts the blue slate and deposits it right into Thomas’ cargo car. As Thomas hauls the heavy cargo, Owen helps out by pulling him up the steep incline.

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  2. Thomas And Friends Blue Mountain Mystery Train Set Toy Trains 4u 3.59M subscribers Subscribe 471K views 10 years ago #thomasandfriends Big Thomas and Friends Blue Mountain Mystery Train Set....

    • Sep 15, 2012
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    It is a busy day at the Blue Mountain Quarry and as Paxton is pulling away from Owen with his loaded trucks, the keystone from Blondin Bridge falls down from above. Rheneas is traveling towards the crumbling bridge with his heavy slate trucks which push him onto the bridge. Rheneas just manages to clear the bridge before it gives way. Rheneas thund...


    1. Ben Smallas Thomas, Toby, Rheneas and Owen 2. Keith Wickhamas Edward, Henry, James, Percy, Skarloey, Sir Handel, the Fat Controller and Mr. Percival 3. Teresa Gallagheras Emily, Mavis, Annie and Clarabel 4. Matt Wilkinsonas Rusty, Winston, Rocky, Cranky, Kevin, Merrick, the Blue Mountain Quarry Workman and the Dock Workers 5. Steven Kynmanas Paxton and Peter Sam 6. Michael Leggeas Luke 7. David Bedellaas Victor and the Cuban Dock Workers 8. Kerry Shaleas Diesel


    1. Martin T. Shermanas Thomas and Percy 2. William Hopeas Edward, Toby and Rocky 3. Kerry Shale as Henry, James, Kevin, Sir Topham Hatt, Mr. Percival and Some Workmen 4. Jules de Jonghas Emily and Mavis 5. Keith Wickham as Skarloey and Sir Handel 6. Ben Small as Rheneas and Owen 7. Michael Legge as Luke 8. Steven Kynman as Paxton and Peter Sam 9. David Bedella as Victor and the Cuban Dock Workers 10. Matt Wilkinson as Rusty, Winston and Merrick 11. Teresa Gallagher as Annie and Clarabel 12. G...

    UK, IRL and AUS

    1. "Guess Who?" puzzles 2. "Learn About Standard and Narrow Gauge Engines" video 3. Blue Mountain Mysterymusic video 4. Working Togethermusic video


    1. "Blue Mountain Hide & Peep Game" 2. "Learn About Standard and Narrow Gauge Engines" video 3. Blue Mountain Mystery music video 4. Working Together music video


    1. Blue Mountain Mystery Theatrical Trailer 2. King of the Railway Trailer 3. Sir Takaboushi Hideki's Introduction

    This special went into production at Nitrogen Studios in August 2010.It has a copyright of 2012; Nitrogen Studios wrapped up production on the show for the final time in March that year.
    This special takes place between the fifteenth and sixteenth series.
    This special was shown in select US, UK, German and Australian theatres.
    This is the last special of several things:
    When the workman tried to stop Rheneas, he was holding a green flag instead of a red flag.
    The narrator's description was a bit out of sync with what was happening when Rheneas went onto the bridge. The narrator said that Rheneas needed to cross the bridge before it collapsed when Rhenea...
    In the Brazilian dub, the narrator said that Paxton was telling about Luke to Diesel 10, however he was talking to Diesel.
    Henry is in his new shape during the flashback to the first series episode, The Sad Story of Henry. This mistake would also be carried over when the story was retold again in The Adventure Begins.

    1. Hideaway Luke (discontinued) 2. Paxton in Trouble (discontinued) 3. Rheneas' New Coat of Paint (discontinued) 4. Blue Mountain Quarry Blast (discontinued) 5. Peter Sam's Blue Mountain Supplies (discontinued) 6. Talking Victor's Big Splash (discontinued) 7. Risky Rails Bridge Drop set (discontinued) 8. Blue Mountain Gravel Delivery set (discontinued)

    1. Luke 2. Winston 3. Mystery of the Blue Mountain Yellow Victor and Kevin

    1. Luke (discontinued) 2. Winston (discontinued) 3. Victor Comes to Sodor (discontinued) 4. Sea Soaked Victor (discontinued) 5. Yellow Rheneas (discontinued) 6. Blue Mountain Quarry Gift Pack (discontinued) 7. Skarloey and the Gravel Cars (discontinued) 8. Blue Mountain Mine (discontinued) 9. Deluxe Mountain Quarry (discontinued) 10. Boulder Pass (discontinued) 11. Grinding Gravel (discontinued)


    1. 10 DVD Boxset 2. Limited Offer DVD Box Set


    1. 3-Movie Pack 2. 10-Movie Birthday Collection


    1. Finnish DVD Boxset

  3. Thomas The Train is has been a family favorite for a very long time. I liked watching Thomas and Friends on PBS since I was a child and both my son and my da...

  4. Blue Mountain Mystery Trackmaster Thomas The Tank EngineToy Train Set - YouTube Thomas and Friends Trackmaster LUKE & PAXTON from the Blue Mountain Mystery. SUBSCRIBE to Toy Trains...

    • Apr 19, 2012
    • 246.5K
    • Toy Trains 4u
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  6. Yellow Victor and Kevin Work Set Information Range Plarail Batteries 1 x AA Released 17 October 2013 SKU 494911 Yellow Victor and Kevin Work Set ( 黄色いビクターとケビン おしごとセット) is a Plarail pack based on the movie Blue Mountain Mystery. Contents Yellow Victor Red Crane Car Kevin Blue equipped freight car Gallery Red Crane Car Box Categories

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