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Xoom Global Money Transfer

4.50 average rating based on 29,024 reviews

  • TrustpilotFeb 25, 2021
    It worked well until the end , then it said an error occurred please try again so I started again and then it asked me did I want to it again. So I didn't know if it went through, I waited 24 hours and it did work. Read more
  • Review CentreMar 23, 2017
    I was stranded in Mexico with no funds. So I sent some money by Xoom to a friend of mine here. It was the first time I ever used Xoom. It did take five days to process, but it did get here, and the pickup was no problem at all. For a fee of $4.99 I think it is well worth it. I only sent a small... Read more
  • Ciao UkJun 9, 2008
    Horrible experience & im not gonna recommend this money remittance. i sent money through this site on May 6, 2008 and they told me since this is my first time,it'll take 4-7days for them to verify my bank account before they can deliver the funds to my recipient. That was ok with me... now, dated... Read more