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Vilano Diverse 3.0 performance hybrid road bike 24 speed shimano disc brakes

4.50 18 reviews from 2 sources

  • walmart.comSelected Review of 17 Reviews
    I was pleasantly surprised by this bike. First off it is incredibly light. When UPS dropped it off and I brought it inside I thought something was missing until I opened the box. The bike looks much better in person than in pictures. Building the bike was somewhat more complicated than anticipated. You actually need to install the brake rotor on the front wheel which is easier than it sounds. The remainder of the setup is mildly complicated however those with mechanical aptitude will be fine. I decided to change the seat based upon prior reviews and immediately take the bike for professional tuning before I ever rode it. for your reference, I used "Wittkop Bike Seat [for City Bikes] - Bicycle Seat for Men Read more
  • ebay.comSelected Review of 1 Reviews
    After countless hours of research, I gravitated towards the Cyclocross/Hybrid bike class because of their immense versatility. I bought the Villano Diverse 3.0 when no reviews existed, so I felt I was really taking a chance. I’m glad I pulled the trigger. I have never owned a bike with a Flat Bar and I was a bit apprehensive, because all the bikes of my youth had drop bars. I still prefer drop bars, but the flat bar does keep me upright and more aware of my surroundings. This was also my first bike with disc brakes and let me warn you, they are very powerful. The front brakes are so strong that if squeezed too hard you could toss yourself over the handle bars! I was pleasantly surprised at how well the pike was packaged and protected from my overly abusive delivery man and how much of the bike was assembled (about 90%). All I had to do was attach the handle bars, mount the seat and attach the front wheel. All spokes were within the proper torque parameters. The Drive-train needed minor adjustments. I was unsure how to properly adjust the disc breaks even after watching numerous YT videos. I didn't trust myself with such a critical component. It’s been 30+ years since I have adjusted a bike, so I took it to REI for a $60.00 tune/safety and disc break adjustment/check. When I picked up the bike the technician wanted to know where I had purchased it and how much I paid. I told him ebay, $269.00. His eyes just about popped out! He would not believe me, till I showed it to him on my phone. He also said that the bike was comparable to the $699.00 Cannondale Bad Boy 4 and went on to explain that the drive train differences between the bikes were more cosmetic than functional and that people were basically paying an inflated price for the Cannondale name. I have to say, the two bikes are almost identical. He also mentioned this bike had changed his previous misconceptions about “Warehouse” bikes. Since this is a Hybrid or Cyclocross bike, you can mix and match mountain and road bike components make sure you check with a certified bike technician first before you attempt to mix and match components! Drop Bars can also be added; which I probably will do in the future. I get complements every time I'm on the trails..The welds, paint and finish are superb. I wish I could attach a photo, I have it all decked out with a lightweight front & rear light, bike computer and frame bag that all look like they are part of the bike I’m very pleased with my purchase. TY Vilano & Road Bike Outlet! My Measurements in Inches: Inseam: 33 Trunk: 27.75 Forearm: 13.5 Arm: 25.25 Thigh: 24.13 Lower Leg: 21.5 Sternal Notch: 58.5 Total Height: 70 Weight: 235 lbs (When I bought this. I’m now down to 225 lbs!) Bike Specs I took myself: Size-57 Seat Tub-57 cm Top Tube, Effective-57.5 cm Head Tube Angle- 68.5° Chain Stay Length-45.5 cm Head Tube Length-140 mm Bottom Bracket Drop-50 mm Stand Over Height-32" Wheelbase-108 cm Frame Reach-45.5 cm Total Weight-26.1 Lbs. Read more