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  • BizrateNov 23, 2015
    I got no tracking info at all. In fact, I received the product a week before I was even billed for it! Read more
  • Ciao UkJul 19, 2008
    Amazing website because it is so easy to navigate through (although the search isn't all that great) has tremendes amount of detail on laptops when you click "show more" . Also they aren't that expensive and when you go to buy a laptop or desktop you can change what's already in it, such as a... Read more
  • 29, 2017
    PLEASE, don\\'t buy dell. They are worst with customer. I made an online purchase of a dell inspiron laptop which had an original price of $899 for $579.99 but the website charged me with the original price. I had to wait for 2days to get to customer care as they do not provide service for the... Read more