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  • BizrateMay 13, 2019
    I was dissappointed that there was no option for a gift message or gift wrap for this tiem. Seems silly. Read more
  • TrustpilotDec 2, 2019
    I used to love Nordstrom, but I’ve moved on to better stores. They have charged my card twice when making an order for my mum. They have sent flawed items, I once ordered something four times and it was still bad so I just returned it. Then when I went to the store I asked a sales associate to hold... Read more
  • ViewpointsJul 7, 2015
    Nordstrom is a one-stop shop for all of your family's needs. is a wonderful online version of the beloved Nordstrom department store. I unfortunately do not live near a Nordstrom store, but I take comfort in knowing I can easily get all of the fabulous items from the website.... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsJan 27, 2009
    Let me begin by saying i love their store. I made a purchase on their website this past christmas and was a little dissapointed in the order processing. However, they ended up upgrading my shipping so that I would receive the order in the time they promised. Once I did receive my product I was sad... Read more
  • 11, 2019
    "I should have read all of these reviews before I placed an order. The item i received was not what was detailed in the description and each time I spoke w\\/ someone they told me that is not what I ordered. They do not have the full set and of course to return it I will have to pay. Very, very... Read more
  • Review CentreFeb 27, 2014
    So as long as you are a millionaire you can afford to shop there. I will admit to enjoying walking thru the store with my wife who loves the store. She never buys anything there but likes the atmosphere. The cafe has great food. So I can hang there. On the other side is better as i... Read more