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  1. Before the Wrath (DVD)

    • 4.5 average rating based on 13 reviews
    • The first 14 minutes or so irritated me.. I felt they must have a pretty broad net for who they consider "Christian" when they talk about people who have made up their own beliefs, or claim that Christians no longer believe Jesus is coming back etc. I was also irritated that it had a Lifeway rep there - if she is from Lifeway Christian Bookstores, they are compromised - they sell new age stuff that has a veneer of Christianity on it. BUT... if you can get past the first 14 minutes, this is very much worth watching. Once you get past that intro, there is a LOT of very good information and I felt it was very inspiring and could really make a difference in people's lives, both saved and unsaved! This documentary is very well done and brings out not as well known facts about the Galileans and their culture that give insight into the scriptures and the Return of Jesus Christ. I definitely recommend it - with the disclaimer about the intro. Read more