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  • ResellerRatingsMay 20, 2020
    Choosing wheels for your vehicle can be challenging design wise but the real challenge is will they fit, what offset will fit, will the lug pattern fit... all those technical questions! I appreciated being able to see the wheels on my vehicle and the guaranteed fitment information. I had a couple of... Read more
  • TrustpilotMay 29, 2020
    Hello All,\n\nThe other day, I got the opportunity to work with this amazing young lady at CARiD. Even though our interaction was short, it goes to show what a great team member Kristy is to the CARiD family. She was quick with her response and was also a true professional. She helped me out with... Read more
  • BizrateMay 27, 2018
    My shopping experience was quite good, until the end. Purchase summary for three items was $149 including $10 shipping. I hit "Checkout". My purchase receipt magically showed an additional $12 shipping! I understand if any item must be shipped from a different location there will be a separate... Read more