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  1. KTMP1 - Electronic Drum & Percussion Pad Sound Module

    • 4 average rating based on 6 reviews
    • Cool sounds, but it won't transmit midi on any channel other than 10. It wouldn't be useful as a midi controller for my purposes, but it's still a cool unit. Great sensitivity. Very compact. Read more
    • I wanted to be able to play percussion sounds like congas or bongos and was originally going to buy a competitor brand that had only 25 preset sounds. I'm glad I waited for the KAT Multipad to come out this year, because it has 50 preset sounds and is equipped with a hi-hat trigger input and a kick input! The competitor brand has no hi-hat trigger input and 25 less preset sounds, so buying the KAT was a no-brainer. The KAT Multipad will compliment any drum set player with an open mind to add other percussion sounds to his/her arsenal on the stage or in the studio. I can also use this for rehearsal if I don't want to bring my whole drum set and I can also use this for church performances when a drum set is not allowed due to volume restrictions! Now, this is not a be all and end all solution to replace the drum set, it is another alternative to bring in more color sounds to the music so I wouldn't have to lug more percussion instruments to the gig! I place my KAT to the left of me next to the hi-hat when I play my drum set. Buy this, for what it does, it's a steal! Read more
    • Great starter pad that can be used at gigs, does ghost fire occasionally but, not a big problem. Would love to see a pro version soon. Read more
    • This drumpad is a lot of fun. The 50 built in sounds are nice sounding. I hooked the drumpad up to my PC and recorded a MIDI track. This drum pad is easy to use and versatile. I think that square pads, as aposed to the circle segment design, would've been better. I highly recommend this drumpad. Read more