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  1. Roland Octapad Spd-30 Total Percussion Pad

    • 5 average rating based on 20 reviews
    • I have tried all matter of compact electronic drum. This is hands down the best. If you want more of a sampler, get the SPD-S. If you want a reliable, gig ready, mini-drum set with realistic sounds, get this. Yes, there are many cheaper options out there. But, if you're a serious musician, you get what you pay for. You can augment this pad in a plethora of ways. I use Wavedrum for my snare when playing live. I have used and acoustic snare and hi-hat in the past. I always use the KD-7 trigger for my kick sounds. Basically, you're someone who plays out often or you just want the best sounding pad on the market, I would highly recommend the SPD-30. Don't waste the hours of research I did checking out other options. Get the Octopad. Read more
    • The octa pad gives you 8 triggers that are programmable to play 1 of the 600 sounds. Or have fun exploring the 50 pre-programmed kits. Works perfect alone or as an add on to your kit. Also has 4 available inputs for separate drum triggers. I am a sales associate @ Sam Ash Ontario. Read more
    • Great product, once you spend the time to learn what it can do and how to do it it's an extremely powerful instrument. Read more