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  1. Grillo Model G110 walk-behind tractor (Shown with electric start gas engine, 5x12x22” wheels & Bellon brush mower implement) This model, introduced in 2015, is based on the platform of the proven G107D Grillo machine, but with a strengthened clutch and PTO shaft to accept more engine HP and larger implements.

    • Inverted “active” conical type, serviceable
    • Standard, lockable
    • G107d
    • G110
    • G131

    The G107Dis in my opinion the best full featured tractor for the money featuring 11 hpengines, differential, steering brakes and large wheel choices. 1. 11.5hpYamaha gas, manual start 2. 11hpHonda gas, manual start 3. 11.5hpYamaha gas, electric & manual start 4. 11hpHonda gas, electric & manual start 5. Weight: 225 lb; 245 electric start 6. Wheel S...

    The Grillo model110 tractor feature 13 or 14 hp engine choices and is a very economicalcomparison to the BCS 853 or 749. Fully features with differential,steering brakes, and the smart reverse system. 1. 13hp Honda gas, manual start, 5x10x20” wheels 2. 13hp Honda gas, manual start, 5x12x22” wheels 3. 13hp Honda gas electric & manual start, 5x10x20”...

    The Grillo modelG131 is a beast. This fully featured tractor is capable of handling a 32″tiller and also have a huge 18 hp Vangaurd engine for heavy applicationsincluding the spader. Comparable to the BCS 750 Powersafe. 1. 18hp Briggs Vanguard gas, electric & manual start 2. Weight: 330 lbs 3. Wheel Size: (6.5″ x 12″ x 23″) 4. Track Width: 26″ or 3...

  2. Grillo Tractors CLICK HERE FOR PEAK SEASON ORDERING INFO Click here for History / General Info on Grillo Grillo G85 more… Grillo G85D more… Grillo G107D more… Grillo G110 more… Grillo G131 more… Grillo 3500 Motor Hoe more… 

  3. The Grillo walking tractor's rotary tiller unit consists of 4/6 sets of hoes made of steel that succeed in finely cutting the soil with 20 rotations per every wheel revolution. The cowling-tiller is made of sheet metal, in compliance with the extremely rigid EU-Norms, and its width is adjustable following the number of hoes you intend to use.

  4. Grillo Walk-Behind Tractors Dailey's Farm & Walk-Behind Tractors Grillo Walk-Behind Tractors Model G131 This page features some of the Grillo walk-behind tractors that we typically stock. Click on a tractor link below for more information. Contact us: (931) 295-9009 Home Walk-Behind Tractors BCS BCS Parts Yagmur Blitz Grillo Implements Garden Tools

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  5. Grillo Model G131 walk-behind tractor (Shown 32” tiller implement) The largest and heaviest duty tractor in the Grillo line, specifically designed for heavy duty use with demanding soil-working implements…transmission and clutch on this machine are about 30% heavier-duty than on the largest model BCS imports into North America.

  6. Experience and specialization: Blitz, BCS and Grillo brand walk-behind tractors are our specialty. We are Walk-Behind Tractor experts and there are few (literally) in the USA who can match our knowledge of this equipment. We are 1 of only 2 full time Walk-Behind Tractor dealers in the USA who specialize in ONLY Walk-Behind Tractors.

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