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  1. Hesher (DVD, 2011)

    • 4 average rating based on 8 reviews
    • It was conveinent way to purchase a kind of hard to find movie. My only issue was that in the shipping process the disc had come free of its clip and was bouncing loose inside the case. It played fine so no harm no foul. Read more
    • Overall amazing movie! The casting and acting are unbelievable and the story is unique and filled with some funny but dark scenes. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys Metallica(The basis of the soundtrack) or dark comedies. Read more
    • This movie was great, it doesnt sugar coat anything and gets ridiculous and in your face but its awesome. and im a sucker for a messed up happy ending so this movie really did it for me. Excellent acting from every main character especially Rainn Wilson, awesome to see him play this part and the cinematography is fresh but dark and very realistic. Would aboslutely recommend watching this movie. for a good laugh and/or cry Read more