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  • BizrateJun 22, 2015
    Right now our I robot 630 will not charge not sure what is going on. I plan on may be returning it or seeing it I can get a new one. Read more
  • TrustpilotDec 14, 2020
    Roomba 960 - Error Message 8 does not equal push a $60 bin replacement onto customers. I was able to fix the problem on my own by opening up the bin and removing dust from the inside fan. It took all of fifteen minutes. Thankfully, I had enough sense to do a two minute search online before doling... Read more
  • Review CentreApr 22, 2009
    My Roomba works well, when it works. I must admit that I use it every day on a different room on max. I have to return it to be fixed every three months. Thank goodness I bought an extended warranty and the service center is about 15 minutes drive away. The battery has a limited life. I was advised... Read more