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Oriental Trading

4.50 average rating based on 637 reviews

  • BizrateMay 6, 2017
    I have purchased many items from Oriental Trading over the last 5 years and have, been very satisfied with the products ordered. The pricing is competitive to other merchandisers who offer similar items. Read more
  • ViewpointsFeb 15, 2018
    Oriental Trading is such an affordable site and I find that I am able to find almost anything I need when it comes to party supplies and supplies for different events. I've used them to order products for birthday parties as well as items for events at my church. I love how cheap they are versus how... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsMay 23, 2016
    First, we got half of our lollipop custom photo order and the other half was purple hockey masks (instead of Lime swirl lollipops.) I called and they were apologetic and sent the correct lollipops out the next week. We put the baby sonogram stickers on the 150 lollipops this weekend for the baby... Read more