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  • TrustpilotAug 5, 2020
    I ordered five coffee cups with a printed design, a child's T-shirt and an adult T-shirt. I got five coffee cups with a screwed up design (half the print was obscured by the handle of the cup) not once but twice -- the second set had the same problem -- and two adult T-shirts. The email said that... Read more
  • ResellerRatingsJul 4, 2020
    When purchasing for another person's fandom the need for quality is equalled almost exclusively by whether or not everything arrives on time and in shape. Due to moving during the pandemic, one delayed part of an order didn't make it to us in time and sadly was no longer being made when we flagged... Read more
  • Ciao UkAug 17, 2015
    I'd been looking for cushion covers for my home and couldn't find any anywhere. Redbubble had popped up on my Facebook feed a few times, but I had always dismissed it as I thought it would be one of these untrustworthy sites that you see advertising dresses for £5, etc. I was getting to a point... Read more
  • 15, 2018
    The print on the tee shirt was much smaller than it looked in the preview. But the quality of the print was great. I\\'ll just have to wear jackets with this shirt to hide all the free space around the graphic. Read more